More last minute holiday bargains!

Pas de Calais umbrella hoveringYou’ll be jumping for joy when you discover our Last Minute holiday rental offers.

These are the final vacancies in our summer season and we really want to fill them – so take a look at how much you can save by booking now.

Hurry, though, before someone else gets the bargain of the summer!


Click here to go to our Last Minute offers page – updated with the latest offers on our final summer vacancies on 11/8/2015

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More Comfortable West Wing

After yesterday’s news of an improvement to the comfort of our visitors to Sandboys Dune, comes further news of improvements – this time at The West Wing.

New Leather Sofa for The West Wing

New Leather Sofa for The West Wing

Readers familiar with the West Wing apartment might have already noticed that the new sofa at Dune is, in fact, none other than the comfortable 2 seater that used to be in the living room at The West Wing.  So, you are probably asking yourselves, what is going to replace that nice rattan framed 2 seater, with the elephant pattern upholstery, that previously provided guests in The West Wing with such a comfy place to chill out?

Well, here it is!  It’s a very soft and luxurious, cream leather upholstered, 3 seater sofa!  And even though it’s obviously wider and deeper than the previous 2 seater, it still leaves plenty of room for the unusual armchair rocker, with matching gliding action footstool, that many of our guests have found so super-relaxing in the past.

PS.  We are also installing a brand new luxurious mattress.  How can you be sure it will be comfortable and of good quality?  Because it’s the same specification as the mattress we bought last year for our own bed – and if it works well for us, then our clients are entitled to enjoy the same comfort!



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Spiffing News! – More Comfort At Sandboys Dune

new sofaGood news!  In response to suggestions that the futon sofa at Dune wasn’t comfortable enough for a long stay, we changed it over today for a very comfortably sprung and softly upholstered 2 seater sofa.

We think it has a rather spiffing hot climate look to it.  Must be those elephants.  It definitely is very much more comfortable, though.

In the photo, you can also see one of the two relaxing, leather covered Ikea armchairs, so all the family can now lounge comfortably!

Any bad news?  Of course not!!  Things only get better at Dune!




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Le quatorze juillet – we’re all ready to celebrate!

To celebrate France’s National Day we’re flying the flag.  LIBERTE! EGALITE! FRATERNITE! Vive la France!




Our newly painted flagpole went up yesterday at The White House and our brand new Tricolor (replacing our 10 year old one which blew to pieces last year) was hoisted with appropriate ceremony.

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Holiday Bargains and Late Availability Deals

doisneau_kissWe’ve just added some deals to fill gaps in our booking schedule, so if you’re looking for a bargain, take a look at what’s available on our latest offers page 

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Free Ferry crossings for cyclists and motor bikers!

Cyclists travel for free on MyFerryLink: The 13th– 21st June 2015 is National Bike Week in the UK, and on 6th -7th June it’s Fete du Velo in France so MyFerryLink have come up with a very special offer for all cyclists.

france bikingFor two weeks from 6 – 21 June, they’re offering FREE travel on any MyFerryLink Dover-Calais crossing to cyclists. Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it – but this time, it’s not, it really is a special offer to encourage cyclists to get more enjoyment from their wheels.

They also want to encourage enjoyment of the fantastic routes available just over the Channel.  Here’s just one suggested route – though there are some equally fascinating, but much easier routes, on flatter terrain, around the Baie de Somme and the southern part of the Cote d’Opale – in the area between Le Touquet and Abbeville.  Put your bikes on a train from Calais to Rang Du Fliers to get there easily, or cycle the spectacular coastal route taking in Cap Griz Nez and Boulogne on the way

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The West Wing

Here are some photos of The West Wing, including some showing the newly decorated bedroom with optional cot – for babies under 2 years.

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The Pines – interior photos

The Pines is roomy and luxurious and can accommodate up to 7 people – or even 8 with the option of a cot in one of the bedrooms.

Living room at The Pines with free WiFi

The Living Room – lots of light, a big flat screen TV, thousands of books and free WiFi

Bedroom at The Pines luxury holiday apartment

The Master Bedroom has its own en suite bathroom

Bathroom at The Pines luxury holiday apartment

The en suite bathroom

Large family dining room and kitchen

Large family dining room and kitchen

The kitchen at The Pines - well equipped and modern

The well-equipped kitchen at The Pines

 See more details on The Pines page










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