Latest Gite Improvements

Rear of Sandboys Dune

Newly painted rear of Sandboys Dune, showing private parking.

Autumn is a good time to do jobs on the outside of the house.  The weather is often, as now, still mild and dry, and the gites usually not occupied every week, so that work can be carried out without disturbing guests.

This year we are tackling some painting jobs.  Here’s a photo of the rear of Sandboys Dune, showing the newly painted back wall.  We also painted the neighbours’ walls so that the immaculate paintwork on Dune wouldn’t make them look shabby by comparison!

We have bookings later this week and next week, so we’re leaving painting the garden wall on the other side of the house, until sometime in early November, but we have already completed the motorisation of the roller shutter on the patio door, so now you can block out the world, or get some shade from bright sunlight at the touch of a button!

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Another mattress upgrade!

Bedroom at The Pines luxury holiday apartment

The Master Bedroom has its own en suite bathroom

We’ve had so many compliments on the comfort of the mattress we installed in The West Wing apartment last year – and we were so impressed, ourselves, when we slept in the apartment for a few nights in the winter – that we’ve ordered another identical mattress for the master bedroom in The Pines.

It should arrive this week.

Looks like there’ll be lots of good nights’ sleep for our guests this year!





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Decor and equipment upgrades


The West Wing apartment’s private garden. Ideal for lunch al fresco.

Spring is the time of year when our gites get their most detailed and critical inspection of the year, and an assessment of what needs to be done to maintain them to the high standards our clients demand.

This year Sandboys Dune and The West Wing have come under scrutiny.  We decided Dune needed a general freshening up, so we repainted throughout.  We also fitted a new TV with a larger screen, capable of receiving French digital HD channels as well as all the UK free-to-air satellite broadcasts.  This wasn’t quite as simple as just plugging in the new set, though, since changes to the French terrestrial broadcasting system meant we had to install a new, more sensitive aerial.  Lots of climbing up and down ladders!

The West Wing apartment has also undergone a decor facelift, particularly in the bathroom, kitchen and entrance hall.  We were always unhappy about the poor WiFi reception reported by some of our guests – many of them had difficulty logging on, and most had to sit by the lounge window to pick up a signal – so this winter we have vastly improved the situation with a more powerful WiFi repeater installed closer to the apartment.  This has made it possible to connect with most tablets and smartphones from any part of the living room and now even the bedroom.

We spent a few days and nights living in The West Wing apartment ourselves so as to be totally aware of any problems that might affect our guests’ comfort.  As a result a new, better kettle has been installed, and we plan a TV upgrade before the summer.  We can certainly endorse the good reports we received from guests about the fabulously comfortable new mattress in the West Wing.







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Holiday Bargains and Late Availability Deals

doisneau_kissWe’ve just added some deals to fill gaps in our booking schedule, so if you’re looking for a bargain, take a look at what’s available on our latest offers page 

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The Pines – interior photos

The Pines is roomy and luxurious and can accommodate up to 7 people – or even 8 with the option of a cot in one of the bedrooms.

Living room at The Pines with free WiFi

The Living Room – lots of light, a big flat screen TV, thousands of books and free WiFi

Bedroom at The Pines luxury holiday apartment

The Master Bedroom has its own en suite bathroom

Bathroom at The Pines luxury holiday apartment

The en suite bathroom

Large family dining room and kitchen

Large family dining room and kitchen

The kitchen at The Pines - well equipped and modern

The well-equipped kitchen at The Pines

 See more details on The Pines page










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Restaurant and holiday weather update

We eventually managed to go back and eat at the Restaurant “Les Freres Caudron” at Rue.

The food was good brasserie standard, and the servings generous.  The house white was a very reasonable Chardonnay.  It’s a big restaurant and, on the Saturday evening when we went, it was absolutely packed.

This might explain why the service was rather too slow, so that after two courses and a long wait we decided to skip the desert and go home for ice-cream and coffee.  The price was reasonable and the surroundings comfortable – until we had waited so long the chairs began to feel a bit hard – so we have only the service to complain about.  Perhaps this was a particularly busy nght, or maybe they were short-staffed, but whatever the reason, Les Freres Caudron will have to up their game if they want to compete with the impressively high standards of service and value you’ll always get at our favourite restaurant, La Terasse at Fort Mahon.

The restaurant at the Hotel La Terasse at Fort Mahon Plage

The seafront restaurant at Hotel La Terasse - excellent service and good value always.

We’ll no doubt be checking out Les Freres Caudron again soon, and will hope to see a marked improvement, as it’s always good to have several equally good, economical, and reliable restaurants to choose from when you’re on holiday.

Today saw the departure of the Sylvesters who had, they wrote in the Visitors’ Book, enjoyed an excellent week at Sandboys Dune.  Even the weather was good, they said.  It certainly was – yet another week passes with no rain and the grass in Fort Mahon gardens is so dry, yellow and shrivelled it’s almost disappeared.  Fortunately France seems rarely to run out of water in its reservoirs, though, and there’s no talk of hosepipe bans or any other limitations on use yet.

Let’s hope the weather stays good for our next arrivals, the Woottons, the Herberts, and the Smarts. Perhaps they’ll be able to recommend some other restaurants.

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