The Seals of the Somme and Authie Bays




The seals that inhabit the sandbanks of the Baie De Somme and the Baie D’Authie have become a well-known and important feature of our region’s largely undeveloped and unspoilt coast.  Though less popular with local fishermen than with naturalists and tourists, on the grounds they catch and eat a lot of fish which would otherwise be providing easier pickings for the boats, they are in general a welcome sight in our waters.

Watch the local tide tables, as it’s best to go seal spotting at the times when low water is in the afternoon or evening, when the seal families can most easily be seen sunning themselves on the exposed sands or splashing about in the narrow channels left by the retreating sea.

The photo here was taken by Alex Burson, a young naturalist and wildlife photographer who recently spent a half-term holiday at The Pines with the Burson family.

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