New Sandboys Mobile Website

A new “mobile friendly” version of the Sandboys website


hardware androidSince more and more people now access our Sandboys website using tablets or mobile phones, we’ve been faced with the choice of either simplifying the site to make it faster to load (important if you are paying mobile data charges) and easier to read on a small screen, or creating a new “Sandboys Lite” website especially for mobile users.

Since Google recently announced that their search engine would automatically demote the ranking of sites that were not “mobile friendly”, we took the decision to create a new mobile version of our site designed specifically for users of small screen tablets and smart phones.  All the important details of our holiday gites are included in the new site, but we’ve left out a lot of the photos as well as most of the additional information about the region and its wonderful tourist attractions and facilities.

All this information can still, of course, be found on our original “desktop” website, which although designed for viewing on normal and larger computer screens, is still readable on most hand-held units.  Eventually much of this background information, omitted from the new site, will be transferred to posts here on our blog, and linked to from the mobile site.

In this way we hope we’ll be able to satisfy the needs of all our customers and site visitors, whatever kind of screen they choose to view our site with.

Sandboys new “mobile friendly” site




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